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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paul Manwaring - Glory Carriers

Here are my notes from Paul Manwaring's message. I pray they bless you.

Date: Sun 7/24/11
Speaker: Paul Manwaring
Title: Glory Carriers
·        He comes from a mental health background
·        Lived in England
·        Paul is on a journey and it was God’s idea
·        Much of his journey started with Leif Hetland who “ruined” him one day
·        He became a Son (instead of an orphan)
·        Paul has a book “What on Earth is Glory?”
·        He wants us to become students of glory
·        We’ve reduced glory to a weighty presence or a cloud that appears
·        Paul refuses to live his life between a weighty presence and a glory cloud which he’s yet to see
·        We were created for glory
·        It’s rude to go to a wedding without a gift and your glory is what you bring to the wedding
·        We have a glory
·        We were meant to be like Christ
·        Jesus said if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father
·        That should be true of us too; they’ve seen us then they’ve seen the Father
·        People are to encounter the Father thru us
·        We’ve been better prepared for this than we realize J
·        Your heavenly Father wants to hear us say when I did ‘that’ I felt like YOU
·        We were made in the image of God
·        I want to understand what it means to reveal Him on earth
·        Paul’s personal hero is Moses
·        Moses was an administrator
·        The supernatural without the gift of administration won’t pass to the next generation
·        Systems don’t survive without good administration
·        Administrators are meant to add to the ministry
·        Moses cried out to God show me Your glory
·        Moses knew a God who could wipe him off the planet in a moment
·        Miraculous rescue in a basket, palace living, murder, desert, burning bush, I AM gives assignment, …
·        Moses experiences all these wonders and says show me Your glory
·        After being exposed to the goodness of God Moses’ face shines
·        It was the third trip that caused his face to shine
·        You pass on revival by being a son
·        Moses wasn’t bitter about not going into the Promised Land
·        He blessed the generation that was going in
·        But Moses was transfigured and then saw the glory of God
·        2 Cor 3 it says we have a greater glory than the face of Moses
·        Moses glory was reflected glory; ours is indwelt
·        We have been invited to go from glory to glory
·        You go from glory to glory by recognizing glory in others
·        We see like in a mirror dimly…
·        Honor is the recognition of glory in another
·        The lost art of apprenticeship
·        You sit at the feet of someone who is further ahead of you in your gift
·        And you go from glory to glory
·        CS Lewis struggled with the concept of glory
·        Shekinah is not a biblical word
·        It was coined by the intertestimental scholars/rabbis
·        The word shekinah is derived from a Hebrew word meaning to dwell
·        We have a dwelling God; He’s looking for a place to dwell
·        First we see it when the tabernacle is built
·        Next at the temple of Solomon
·        It was worth 60 billion dollars
·        When it was finished they worshipped and the presence of God came and the priests couldn’t stand
·        Paul wanted to know where it was in the new testament
·        The word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory
·        In Paul’s opinion that’s Shekinah Glory
·        Jesus said He’d destroy that temple but He would raise it up
·        Our bodies are the equivalent of a $60 billion temple
·        They’ve been made ready
·        Ready for Christ in us the hope of glory
·        Your assignment for the rest of your life is Shekinah Glory
·        Your assignment is to be the dwelling place of Him who dwells
·        The whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory…
·        The world will get it thru us
·        When the Savior died He honored us
·        He did it so we could become everything we are supposed to be
·        Because He saw we were worth it
·        2 Cor 15 says there are different types of glory
·        The sun is the original glory, the moon only reflects the sun’s glory
·        When God expressed Himself you happened
·        He didn’t have anything to copy
·        You are the expression of God
·        When an artist does something they copy but God had nothing to copy so He expressed Himself
·        The more you understand His expression the more you understand Him
·        What’s my glory?
·        Paul’s definition: it’s the eternal value/worth someone has because they reveal, reflect or point to the nature, attributes of God
·        We are extremely valuable real estate
·        The fruits of the spirit
·        Fruit drops from trees
·        Our lives are meant to be dropping fruit all over the place
·        Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree
·        We look just like God (in love, joy, peace…)
·        You can change a nation with the 9 fruits of the spirit
·        There’s a glory on your life when you operate in the fruit of the spirit
·        The gifts of the spirit
·        When you lay hands on the sick you are revealing Him
·        God doesn’t do healing, He is Healer
·        If you cut your hand it heals
·        A surgeon can work on your body but he has to leave it to God at some point to heal
·        Paul is a nurse
·        People who have been married 50 years reveal God’s glory
·        They demonstrate how a Son is to love His bride
·        The church needs to stop talking so much about what’s wrong with divorce and talk about what’s right about marriage
·        There’s a glory on your relationships
·        Paul will be a daughter-in-law for all eternity because he married His son
·        Daughter in law is the highest standard on earth
·        There’s a glory on those in the military
·        There’s no greater love than one who would lay down his life…
·        There’s a glory on every legitimate job that you do
·        Once there was nothing on this planet made by man
·        It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out
·        And that’s what we’ve done; we’ve searched it out
·        God is releasing glorious assignments
·        Nameless and faceless generation because everybody is releasing his glory
·        The gift of administration, Paul tried to give it back but God prepared him a long time for it
·        It’s like Moses saying get another guy and God said no way I trained you for this, years in the palace, desert, etc
·        Paul also has an assignment to pray for Down’s Syndrome
·        This whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of God
·        Our assignment is to fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God
·        We are to let the whole world know of His nature, power, attributes…
·        Paul surprised his youngest son with his oldest son (on visit from England)
·        The youngest son was delighted
·        How much more does God love to bless us
·        His son shouted “No way!”
·        You prepared that for me? No way!
·        God wants us to turn around every corner surprised by His goodness – No way!
·        You set me up; you prepared me, NO WAY!!!
·        Live your life expecting His goodness
·        We’re all in full time ministry
·        Go back to your prison and run it for God
·        Isaiah 61


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