If we can encourage others, we should encourage them.
~Romans 12:8

Monday, August 23, 2010

GMA Your Kingdom Come Conference Notes

Thursday August 5, 2010
10 am Session
Leif Hetland
Leif has 2 major assignments:
To be part of a culture that is changing culture
Fathering others by being a Son
That’s the only way the dove stays there is by being a son
If he tries to be an apostle the dove leaves
If the sonship isn’t in place then you become shipwrecked
Leif is disturbed by apostles that aren’t fathers
Leif is most excited by what God is doing among children
God wants us to discover His dream
Leif was releasing that over people and children were screaming
They started to dream with God
All creation is moaning and groaning for the move of God
Where are the sons and daughters?
Who will rescue the lost?
We’re going to have a goodness revolution
We overcome evil by good
1. How Good He is
2. How valuable we are
Each person is valuable
Delight in Him
The only cure for being overwhelmed by the world is being overwhelmed by Him
The goodness will overcome all evil
There’s always an invitation for us to come home and know who He is
That costs the enemy something
Here are some dreams that God has.
He’s looking for little boys and girls with a Big Daddy
Living in their inheritance
The children were quick to share big dreams
The adults had been limited by disappointments and discouragements and the trials of life
Leif had dreams for the nations as a child but was abused at age 12 and became a prodigal
He had an encounter with Jesus
…but then he went to church
He became a master prodigal brother, working and striving for God
But deep in his heart he still had a dream
Randy Clark prophesied that he was a bulldozer who would go to the nations
When the dreams were there he had passion
But many things tried to stop his dream
Leif wants to help us get back and live out our dreams
He wants to give us new glasses
4D glasses
You’d be able to see God as Jesus saw Him
You could see Him face to face
2nd dimension: you could look at your life the way He sees you
1st the upward look then the inward look
Then you could look at others with these glasses
That’s not Saul that’s Paul
You could see others as they will be not who they are
Now you can look around and be a treasure hunter and a treasure seeker because you found the treasure in yourself
All the lost want to come home
Where they can hear His voice and see His face
In the beginning God, and in the end God
He’s the alpha and omega
Maybe you had a dream
The dream is going to become your destiny
God says I want you to help Me
Leif has wonderful fleshly desires as well; he wants to drive the new Ferrari
It’s a dream
What if God said Son/Daughter what do you want for Christmas?
Leif has a bucket list: before he kicks the bucket
Some dreams are fulfilled through sons and daughters
“I have a dream to see every nation touched in this generation”
What if we could create a culture where you can dream again?
He wants us to dream with Him
Delight yourself in Me; I want to give you the desires of your heart
He loves to bless His kids
Everything seems to come against Leif living his dream but he pops up each time and lives with passion
He will pour His spirit upon all your flesh
We are living in harvest time
55,000 have lived and will die today without hearing the Good News
Why should we focus on the second coming when they haven’t even heard of the first coming?
Psalm 22:27 All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him,
Psalm 67:1-3 1 May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine upon us, Selah 2 that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations. 3 May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you.
The problem is not darkness but the lack of light
We spend most of our money on those already saved
We’ve been distracted; selling light bulbs to those who already have light
Sin cost the world 9.5 trillion dollars a year
We can touch the earth with the glory of God
We have more than all generations before us
We’re blessed more
So we can fulfill the great commission
Mission is just a tool; the purpose is worship
Mission exists because worship doesn’t
To become worshippers in spirit and in truth
We need to open up our eyes
See the world from God’s eyes/perspective
When Leif started to dream with God everything fell into place
Publishers showed up before he even had the book
See what I am doing; be utterly amazed
It’s an exciting time to be alive
There are several mosques in Houston
This is a place of opportunity
Greater is the light that is in me than the light that is in the world
These people aren’t after me; they are being brought to me so I can bring the blessing to them
God is finishing the unfinished task
Our perfect Father had a plan
God is not the problem: He’s looking for sons and daughters who will dream with Him
Many are called few are chosen
Leif asked many people to help him move, but only a few said yes
Perfect love casts out fear
The question to ask in a ‘bad situation’ is what good is this?
You overcome evil by good
Be good to those people who are evil
We need to understand what God is doing and how to invest our time, talent right
Understand your time and you can make a difference
Enjoy the journey towards the mountain
Non Christians 4.5 billion
Christians 2.3 billion
Christians: the ones that know Jesus and the ones that don’t
Christianity is our worldview; it’s the religion
That figure doesn’t mean Kingdom
These giants must come down before Jesus comes back
It’s like a mission’s trip where only the people in the 1st row get ministered to
The people in the back rows are being neglected
Jesus is the answer
If you will kingdomize your vision/view you will see we have opportunities
More people are being saved, healed and delivered
Even when we are not going He is going
Christian Blocs: there are no poor blocks within the Christian group
God wants to penetrate the darkness with His beautiful light
Ask of me and I will give you the nations
Why are we performing to achieve a promise?
Why are we achieving what we need to be?
The nations desire Jesus
They have problems with Christianity
When Jesus shows up they see that He is good
When they see the blind eyes open they know He’s good
Christian, non Christian, missionaries
Hindu Bloc: over 1 billion
The Hindus are open and they are looking for Jesus
Houston is a good place to be
Muslim Bloc: 1 ½ billion
A Muslim woman found Jesus and then she said how long have you known about Jesus? Why didn’t you come sooner?
Her husband died without hearing the gospel. Also her son
Ishmael was rejected by his father.
He lived with an orphan spirit, without an inheritance
Leif has a great heart for Israel
But the Bible says God will create jealousy among the Jews
Minister to the Muslims and let the Jews see them blessed
Jesus loved the Jews the Palestinians, the Taliban and the rest of us sinners
We are Gentiles saved by grace
Rejected by the Father because of sin
Israel will be touched through the Muslims
He made a covenant with Isaac but He made a promise to Ishmael
Buddhist Bloc 380 million
If you love God His priority becomes your priority
Our investment is in Jesus
Folk Chinese Bloc
Tribal Bloc
Non religious Bloc
Pastors and leaders steal more money from the church than we spend on missions
There’s a sweep of God’s spirit all over the world
There’s an opportunity for people called to Europe
2 pm Session
We’ve done the natural for too long; it’s time for the supernatural.
The more we align with God’s heart the more we align with our assignment
1 Samuel 3
Oil is intimacy; lamp is ministry
Houston is known for its oil
It’s not good stewardship to give your oil to those who will mismanage it
Teach people how to get their own oil so they don’t have to be foolish
Vs 7 Samuel did not yet know the Lord, yet in vs. 1 he was ministering
As we are still and wait on God He shows up; He walks among us
As you are still
Samuel knew how to lie in the presence of the Lord (he was laying near the ark)
He wanted more of God
We were created for intimacy
Matt 25: the 10 virgins
It’s ok to sleep in the presence of the Lord
In the midst of the storm it’s ok to sleep. Jesus did it
When you learn to lean back on the Father you gain authority
Leanne used to try to do do do when she didn’t know how to be
God wants us to be intimate with Him
You can lie on the floor and not be intimate with Him
Couples lie together without intimacy
Intimacy brings forth fruit
Learning to receive to release; alignment for assignment
God never fails us, He never lets us down
We don’t soak for what we can get
We soak because we love HIM
When soaking you focus on HIM
It’s a place of intimacy
The wilderness is a good thing; those experiences are great
Get all the nutrients you can during those times
There’s fruitfulness, assignment that comes out of soaking
Salt is the key ingredient
If you get people into God’s presence then there’s very little work you have to do (as a counselor for Leanne)
Taste and see that He is good
Pickling - people don’t chomp down on cucumbers, the pickles have the flavor
God’s presence transforms us
If we’ll practice this God will take us places we can’t even imagine
Leanne first learned of soaking in Oct 2003, in Toronto
She attended a soaking workshop
You need to know how to just walk into His presence
Leanne had incredible intimacy at home but not at church
More than 2 and it’s no longer intimate
It’s behind the veil in the chambers where that takes place
Too often the church has waited to get to church and get intimate
You can achieve a certain level at church but more so at home
John positioned himself to receive (leaning against Jesus’ chest)
We must learn how to receive before we release it
It’s ok to fall asleep when you lie down
She and her husband sleep with soaking music every night
7pm Session
Jack Taylor
The Kingdom is the subject of this conference
It was the subject on God’s mind when He created the universe
God intended for the pearl of His creation to live in dominion over the land
Depression is sweeping the world because of the news about now and lack of news about later
The Kingdom is forever
When everything else is shaken the Kingdom will remain
Jack was called many years ago to speak at a Pentecostal convention
He was uncomfortable
God said preach on the filling with the Holy Spirit
Jack said Lord they invented this!
He did it and when he gave the invitation every single person came to be filled with the Holy Spirit
Jack was saved almost 60 years ago
He wanted all God had to give him
Nobody told him that Jesus came to live inside him
When he read about the HS it scared him
The one church in town called Him the HolyGhost
They were frightened by those Holy Rollers
Now Jack is much like them
Jack’s grandparents were Pentecostal
His grandmother was mean
When Jack was 14 he “surrendered to preaching”
His grandmother said “you got the Holy Ghost?”
He thought it came with the salvation package
His grandmother said if you don’t speak in tongues then you don’t have it
The preacher Jack knew had moral problems and it scared him
Fear kept him from God’s best for 27 years
There is no set definition of the kingdom in the bible
Romans 4:17 is the closest to a definition
Righteousness peace and joy in the HS
In the Holy Spirit
There is one thing on the heart of God and that is the Kingdom of God
It is in the Holy Spirit
Be not drunk with wine…but be filled with the spirit
It’s just as wrong not to be filled with the HS
More damage has been done in the church by unspirit filled people than drunkards
It’s God’s desire for you to be filled with the Spirit
You’re either filled with the spirit or living carnally
You may be living morally but without the spirit it’s still carnally
Are you choosing to go by what your mind says instead of by the mind of Christ?
That’s the apex of assininity
Nobody told Jack how to be filled
What is the filling of the spirit?
Many call it the baptism
It’s an inundation in the spirit at the hands of Christ
Part of the salvation experience is the filling of the spirit
If Jack had been filled and knew it he would have walked in fullness from that day of his salvation until now and saved a whole lot of trouble
He doesn’t want one person to leave without the knowledge of how to be filled
Jack thinks the 1st filling of the spirit is the baptism; you may or may not speak in tongues
You don’t have to, you get to
The longer you live without the filling of the spirit the harder it is because you have more things to die to
HS is a witness to Jesus
He is God
He is the only God on the earth right now
He is the Spirit of the Father He is the Spirit of the Son
He is everywhere
He knows everything
He never forgets
He is a loving God
The Father sent the Son. The Son came.
Jack wanted to know what Jesus said at that special 40 day conference
God said read the red
We are regenerated by the HS
We are indwelled by the HS
He is the God of the impossible and He lives in us
We may be led by the Spirit
We have the anointing of the spirit, which is the power to do certain things (well)
The most important issue for the born again believer is to be filled with the HS
The filling or baptism of the HS is a fact of scripture, so I must believe it
1st accept it as a fact of scripture and solidly believe it
John the Baptist was born full of the spirit
Secondly, it is a revelation
A fact never changed anybody a revelation can change everybody
Jack was scared of the HS but he found out He was loving and good, just like Jesus
It was a revelation of God’s deepest desire for him to be filled with the HS
What do you do with a revelation? You receive it!
It becomes energized when you receive it.
Thirdly, the filling of the HS is an experience; a time, place experience
Jack’s opinion is you were somewhat filled when you got saved, but had you gotten deeper revelation you could have been filled
It’s wise to caution against prescribed expectations
Don’t tell people exactly what they will experience
Don’t let some human manifestation be your ?
It’s not about manifestation
It’s a faith experience
Leave it to God
Fourth, it is a relationship; it must be continued
A relationship of continued sensitivity to sin and repentance, submission and obedience to God
OK, you were saved, born again, filled with the spirit. Are you still being filled?
Maybe you were influenced by others to receive the baptism and didn’t keep it up
I need to be filled with the Spirit at the level of revelation I have received
If you being evil know how to give good gifts…
Keep getting filled
With every revelation
Be filled, let Him do it
When Jesus did that weird thing in John 1:20, then He breathed on them
He breathed on them and said receive the Spirit
When the day of Pentecost was fully come…
They were all caught in the vortex of the wind of the HS
Lord do it again now
Friday August 6, 2010
10 am Session
Kris Vallotton
When we go thru seasons where there’s conflict in our souls we think Romans 7, but that was about his life as a Pharisee before Christ. Now Paul is a new creature. The law didn’t give him power to change; it just made him feel guiltier
Romans 8 confirms Paul was talking about his old life
Chapter 7 is what happens when you know the rules but you don’t know the Author
It’s important that we realize how spiritual warfare happens in believers
We are not in a battle with our flesh
It’s with principalities, evil castles if you will
A thought is actually tangible in another realm
Thoughts are evil castles in another realm that need to be destroyed
When you suddenly get a thought to do something negative it is likely an evil spirit
Evil spirits will give you the unction to do something that isn’t even your character or history
A lady told Chris she sinned every day, but what she described was temptation
Temptation is not sin
In order for you to be tempted you have to have a natural drive for the thing or it’s not a temptation
(You aren’t tempted by what you don’t like)
Jesus was tempted in every way but without sin
That means He faced those urges but He didn’t sin
A spirit thought comes with the urge to do the very thing of the thought
You create an eco system by cultivating that thought from the devil
The flesh is weak but it’s not evil
There’s a huge distinction from being weak and being evil
In the leadership session they talked about Epoch and Epic
Kris feels like we are in the 2nd greatest Epic season
The first was the cross: God moved from judgment to mercy
Kris feels we have just crossed over the Jordan River
What worked in the wilderness won’t work in the Promised Land
Some have camped around a manifestation
When you do that you move from a movement to a monument
Many are part of a movement that is not going forward
Sometimes we do things to soothe our conscious that aren’t productive
Something has to change for us (the church) to be relevant with this translation
Many want to feel like they are radical but haven’t thought thru are radical and forward movement connected
Realize we’ve changed epic seasons
A goal should be to make nations disciples
Read Isaiah 61 and 62
He said kings and queens will come to hear the word of the Lord
Chris thinks we aren’t always very strategic about what we do
Be as wise as serpents but innocent as doves
Study the serpents so you can undermine their ways
It’s time for us to actually think
We’ve spiritualized drinking without thinking about it
The least in the Kingdom would be greater than the OT prophets
If Daniel was 10 times wiser and more intelligent than the kings of old what about us in the Kingdom now
When you’re seated with Christ you have heavenly perspective
A believer should have a tremendous advantage over someone who doesn’t know God
Then why are unbelievers leading in every realm of society?
If their worldly philosophies are inferior why are they reigning?
Why aren’t believers leading the world?
The greatest inventions have actually come from believers
Currently we are not in the lead
If we would just be who God says we are supposed to be evangelism would be very different
We wouldn’t be trying to figure out how to get the fish in the net we’d be working on what to do with the fish in the net
Jesus didn’t have any problems attracting people
Do you really believe the Bible?
I laid hands on the sick and it didn’t work; why didn’t that verse work for me?
You have to decide whether you’re going to change your experience to match the Bible or change your belief
If we were what the Bible said we were there wouldn’t be any problem with unbelievers and other cults
If we were 10 times smarter than everyone who wasn’t saved there would be such a contrast that it would be apparent
They said Peter is too stupid to preach a sermon like that, it has to be God
Kris used to hire only Christians believing they were smarter as the Bible says; but he found out they weren’t smarter or harder working
To pretend nothing is wrong is to live in denial
The civil war was perpetuated mostly by Christians
Many historians believe Christians fought for slavery because they used Paul’s letters to condone slavery
They didn’t realize God was giving a documentary not a commentary
He said since you have slaves here’s how you should treat them; not you should have slaves
Kris has an idea about what is wrong
When Martin Luther left it was about doctrine
He created a church split
In denominationalism people divide when they disagree and unite with they agree
People choose a church because they agree with the doctrine
The nature of revelation is you receive a new idea never heard before
Catholic churches call their leaders fathers and they don’t split like we do
The Catholic Church is our mother
Be careful about how you talk about your mother
Chris is saying honoring your mother and father
People don’t go to the Catholic Church because they agree; many aren’t sure of what they believe
What do you have to have to have an argument? Opinions
Opinions require thoughts
Thinking is the enemy of
You don’t know you have an accent until you go somewhere where people speak differently
You don’t just talk with an accent you see the world with an accent
You don’t have a pure lens
You see the world as you are, not as it is
Our world view is very protestant
We keep people together by agreeing about doctrine
Disagreeing is the enemy
We need tools to keep people together
The unity of the spirit is something you preserve not something you create
We have an idea that if we could get along our cities would be changed
Jesus changed the world with 12 guys never got along
All 4 gospels mentioned that the disciples argued about who was the greatest
Jesus took the same 3 disciples with Him when He did something significant
Even after the baptism in the HS they still didn’t get along
We’re reading the Bible with denominational glasses
We’re thinking everybody has to get along because that’s how we stay together
The unity of the Spirit is not the unity of the word
It doesn’t mean that we agree with ideas
Denominationalism says turn off your brain
God didn’t call us to be an echo He called us to be a voice
We’re not driving because we haven’t started the car
Conflict is a church splitter so we fear it
When we move into apostleship it gives you permission to think
I can have conflict with you and still be in covenant with you
We are bonded through covenant, not agreement
Finally we’re moving into apostleship
Joshua was filled with wisdom because Moses laid his hands on him, not because he went to bible school
Revelation is the fruit of the friendship with God
We came in as slaves to sin but now we are slaves to righteousness
Slaves don’t think they just obey
First you learn to do what you’re told then you become friends
When you’re brand new it’s great for God to tell you everything to do but as you grow in Christ you know all things
Denominationalism is a global slave camp
When you remain a slave you wreck the reason why you got saved
John 15
Genesis 41
Pharaoh had a dream with 7 fat calves and 7 skinny calves
1. Pharaoh doesn’t know God
2. He doesn’t know that he doesn’t know
Pharaoh and Nebuchnezzar were having dreams about the future; God was giving them the dreams, answers but they didn’t know how to crack the code
We are partners with the world
If pharaoh didn’t have the dream then Joseph wouldn’t be released from prison
Genesis 45 says all of Egypt was enslaved; they had to sell themselves for food
Joseph enslaved the Egyptians but later the Egyptians enslaved the Israelites
He made a 1st world country a 3rd world country in 5 years by withholding information
Pharaoh got really rich and everyone else became dirt poor
Africa is the richest continent in the world in terms of natural resources, but the people are the poorest
It’s not a lack of resources it’s a lack of revelation
First the spirit of denominationalism must be broken
The foundation is apostles and prophets
If you have a city with foundations
In Africa one of the biggest problems is the tribal mindsets
They war with one another
It’s not just Protestants, D is a problem everywhere
The church has embraced it as a way of life
Chris proposes that the way we interact with the world is denominationalism
We only have a relationship because we agree
Then what’s the goal of evangelism?
Getting people to agree with doctrine
It’s weird to say if you want to receive Christ pray this prayer
That’s nowhere in the Bible
It’s extrabiblical
It was made up by people who believed others are saved by agreeing with them
In ism you only hang out with someone when your agenda is to change them
You can’t just hang out with them because you love them
Ism changes their absolutes so they can hang out with people they don’t agree with
You don’t know how to just love people because they are people
The king thought of Daniel as the king of the psychics
Daniel said call me whatever you want as long as you let me influence you
This is not about doctrine it’s about Jesus
It’s the car lot syndrome
The car salesmen is really nice and flattering so he can sell you something
He’s trying to get you to say yes at least 3 times so you say yes to the sale
You know it’s a game and about manipulation
People know when a Christian approaches them they have an agenda
People are tired of being manipulated
They don’t hate Jesus they don’t like Christians
People want to talk to someone who’s being real without an agenda
What would happen if we actually just loved people?
Darius fasted all night and ran to the lion’s den
When he was far away he called out to Daniel are you ok
Daniel responds may the king live forever
Daniel loves God and loves the king who he doesn’t agree with
The king thinks Daniel is a polytheist
Daniel loved him into an experience with God
He loved a king he didn’t agree with
Romans 13 Paul exhorts us to honor those in authority, police and people we pay taxes to
He wrote that during the days of Nero
The world is not flooding into the church because we don’t want them to come in unless they agree with us
We don’t even hang out with them unless we have an agenda
So some accept homosexuality and abortion because they want to accept the person
Love the sinner, not the sin
When you’re not running around with the 10 commandments that kill people you can love them
Chris is for absolutes; absolutely loving people no matter what they do
Once you stop loving people you have an Old Testament mindset
Chris believes the most creative wise people will come from this generation because He’s breaking the spirit of denominationalism
There is a way to have no conflict in your marriage – one thinks and the other does what they are told
If you’re not bonded by the covenant your marriage won’t last
People invest so much into their wedding and so little into their marriage
People get saved thru faith; it’s not the prayer it’s the faith
Jesus didn’t say pray this prayer He said follow me
We’ve become so extrabiblical we’re not even biblical
You want to see the world changed – become friends with God
2pm Session
Paul Yadao
Creating a culture that hosts the fruit of God
We have been appointed and anointed to bear fruit
It’s only by the Spirit of God we can see a sustainable move of God
It’s a journey and you must be willing to go thru the process
There is the personal soaking which is vital but there’s also a need for the corporate soaking
Women had been soaking for over an hour and they prayed for a woman who was pregnant and overdue. The baby popped out!
If we can make room for Him to come, hungry for His presence, not as orphans hungry for food, then He comes and takes over
When people soak before important meetings God reveals to them important information
Business people are prospering
Psalm 63 I shall be filled with marrow and fatness
He said that in the middle of the wilderness
Because he’d been in the presence of the Lord
Power will follow love
There’s so much more to soaking than just to be refreshed
It’s about creating a culture where people have the heart and the hunger for encounters with Daddy God
In the kingdom of God there are no superstars, only sons and daughters. – Leif
When it’s no longer just a message, when it becomes a lifestyle we become potent
We are transformed
Deut 11, Moses knew he wasn’t going into the Promised Land. He told them don’t miss your time like your fathers did. He said teach your children God’s word. Write it on your…
Vs 21 when you do this heaven will remain above the earth
Atmosphere creates climate
Climate creates the environment
The environment dictates the culture.
In Alaska they dress differently than we do.
A culture creates an environment
David carried a Kingdom culture untouched inside of him
And 400 people were changed
He carried an atmosphere that transformed his environment
That was just one person
Imagine if we all carried that kingdom culture inside of us
It would be heaven on earth
You will have rain, abundance, the Lord will drive out your enemies, victory is guaranteed – if we can create a culture
God wants us to embrace the unknown so this kingdom will always expand from glory to glory
The parable of the sower of the seed
The word of God is the seed
What determines the harvest?
Not the seed but the soil
Jesus said if you don’t understand this parable how will you understand the rest
It’s about creating the right heart that will produce 30, 60, 100 fold
What kind of ground do we have?
That determines whether we will have 30, 60, 100 fold
Paul’s goal is to create the right kind of heart
Some hear fresh revelation but don’t retain it
The things we don’t understand we cannot value
What we don’t value we cannot keep
It’s possible to go to conf to conf and miss out on things
You must prepare the right kind of heart
A people after God’s own heart
Seeds from heaven should be sown in the right kind of heart
1st point is create that culture
Paul was in India, a place of sin and darkness. The best hotel had a voodoo doll on the front. It was cursed and that was the best they had. People said you must leave – no Philippinos allowed here. God said do deeper into the presence
It was super hot but they soaked. It was challenging in that environment of fear
God gave Paul a word, that a man in his group had a declaration
That mild mannered accountant went crazy and prophesied
Everybody went crazy (in the Holy Spirit).
The police showed up and said you can stay
Teach others how to access heaven because they are sons and daughters and then release it to others
If we can create that culture we can dictate the atmosphere
What used to be a personal journey became a corporate blessing
The second thing is moving in the rhythm of that, knowing when to move and receive
The purpose of soaking is going
Don’t drown yourself to death
If you want to move from glory to glory then do like Jesus did
He pulled down what He needed from heaven and released it to others
Soak, release
You are a royal priesthood
Exodus 24 come up here Moses, and I will show you
Rev 4:
It’s already settled in heaven, we have to be good receivers
We have to have the blueprint so we can build
Joshua and Moses went up and the whole mountain was filled with the glory of God
2 men attracted heaven
First we rest
The way is not to quiet down your mind but increase your hunger
After soaking is the best time for fathers to release to your sons
7pm Session
Kris Vallotton
In Africa you teach for hours on end and you rotate translators.
The people have traveled for hours so they stay for hours.
They don’t eat by the clock; they eat when they’re hungry
Kris shared that the only time God killed someone it was over an offering (Ananias & Sapphira in Acts 5)
The translator told the people to give an offering or God will kill you!
The word kills but the spirit gives life
The word of God is living and active and sharper than any 2 edged sword
If you destroy the books you can’t destroy the word of God
A lot of people get the Bible but they never get the Word of God
That book is an invitation to an experience
A lot of people carry around an invitation and think they’ve been to the wedding
To read the Bible and not have an encounter is incongruent
The purpose of the bible is an invitation to know the author
There are levels of truth
Truth has an order
If you put friendship above fatherhood then you have spoiled kids
If you take sex out of context it becomes perversion
When you take truth out of order you have perversion
Every word was an invitation to an experience with God
Kris breathed in courage and became courageous
Kris believes the church needs to have a sexual revolution before the world has one
When God said be fruitful and multiply He gave you a sex drive
God doesn’t want us to get rid of our sex drive; He wants us to manage our appetites
We have to stop teaching young people to pretend they don’t have that drive
At Jewish weddings of old they consummated the marriage in the bridal chamber and when the bloody sheet was put on display then the celebration started
It wasn’t shameful or secret or hidden
It was a blood covenant and you celebrate because of the sacrifice
You sacrificed thru your desires so you could give your spouse something precious
Kris wants to talk to us about changing History
Jesus didn’t tell us to build a church, He said He would build the church; we extend the Kingdom
We think the solution for the world is for people to come to church
In USA the cities with the highest % of Christian churchgoing population have the worst social statistics
The sons of Issachar understood the times and what they needed to do
When the Israelites got to the Promised Land the manna ceased
They had to change their thinking
They hadn’t learned to work and feed themselves
They grew up on welfare
(Manna fell everyday)
A lot of people have crossed into the Promised Land but are still trying to operate with wilderness principles
Old manna has worms
Old word isn’t good anymore
A lot of people are killing their Isaacs because they’re not current with God (the new word was don’t sacrifice him)
Exodus 32 God said these are stubborn people I’m going to kill them
Moses said these are Your people, remember the bush?
And God relented
Sometimes when God prophesies to us He’s not trying to be right; He’s testing our hearts rather than trying to control our destiny
John 5
The pool of Bethesda
Kris had given a word that the church would be like the pool of Bethesda where people would come and get healed
The fact that the pool had 5 porches jumped out at him
Why did John mention that?
Kris believes that scripture has dimensions
The unbeliever can read it and get something but someone else can get greater revelation
The pool is a metaphor of the church
The 5 fold ministry
When the 5 fold ministry merges into one pool angelic alliance is created
Kris was stunned when God told him that was an old word
The church will be like Ezekiel’s river
Ezekiel 47
Sometimes you can’t get the new until you let go of the old
Kris was arguing a little
The old hasn’t been lived out yet; why move on
The 5 fold ministry isn’t the government of God they are the governors
Government is the structure
Isaiah 9:6-7
Leadership is the art of governing
The modern world hasn’t seen the true office of the apostle because it’s become pastorship
A man laid the grass and observed the natural paths made by people and that’s where he laid the sidewalks
Democracy is a great form of government during times of peace; but it’s too slow during war on your own shores
The greatest general as President of the US couldn’t win a war without martial law
When we’re attacked on our own shores the structure changes from democracy to military so we can win the war
Good government should cover your weakness and empower your strength
Apostles have emerged in a pastorate
The head of a church is called a pastor
That’s not what the Bible says
A pastorate is a form of government designed for pastors
Pastors gather
Shepherds like flocks
When Jesus commissioned his disciples He called them disciples, not patriarchs
He turns to His learners and commissions them as apostles
It’s not a sacred word it’s a secular word
It was a Roman term
The Romans generals conquered and culturized territories
The Roman apostles took envoys of people to take over a place and reproduce the Roman culture
The Lord’s Prayer is really the apostolic prayer
I seated you in heavenly places and your job is to make earth look like heaven
Apostles transform cultures (not plant churches)
They can plant churches but the goal is to culturize a place
Apostle is synonymous with cultural transformation
We’re calling everybody apostles
Revelation said
Ezekiel 47:1-12
The pool of Bethesda represents the pastorate
You go there to get healed
With Ezekiel’s river the further you get from the sanctuary the deeper the river
Apostles send
Pastors gather
God wants the greatest miracles on the planet to be the furthest from the church
The reason why we gather is different
Not going to church but becoming the church
A HS training terrorist center
In modern church h/x the apostles emerged from the church
But apostles’ ministry is not about gathering but sending
If their anointing is to train, equip and deploy they are in a restricted form of government
12 men turned the world upside down without the luxuries of cell phones internet…
Jesus trained them for 6 months then He sent them out
He was teaching them that the goal was for them to watch Jesus and reproduce what He did
Jesus wasn’t gathering people He was sending them out
The church wasn’t designed to transform cultures but to gather people and help them become healthy and happy
We need to redefine what apostles are
We think anyone with a large church is an apostle
If the church isn’t transforming the city then it isn’t apostolic
It’s like going to a mechanic who doesn’t repair your car
We need a new governmental system that changes the way we measure success
If we measure success by how big your church gets you’re off
Success is measured by the social statistics of your city
Vs. 11 but it’s swamps and marshes will be left for salt
You can get in the swamp and save people but they won’t get healed
People go to church but they never become the church
Worship isn’t for you it’s for God
God is looking at hearts
The theme song of the marsh is the way we were
Some get in the water but aren’t affected by the current
When you go way out into the deep the river tells you where you are going
All of the church is in the kingdom but not all of the kingdom is in the church
Trees along the river produce fruit 12 times a year
Kris thinks that’s the nations
God is not emphasizing the church; He’s emphasizing the Kingdom
We’re supposed to go to the deepest darkest places on the planet and touch people
The prophetic symbol is no longer the eagle but the owl
The owl lives in the dark and can see in the dark and is wise and can tell who’s who in the dark
Ahmad from VH1 wanted Kris’ purity book on his show
We will be sheep in wolves’ clothing
Customize without compromise so you can touch people in dark places
Kris shared a prophecy with a man on a plane and the guy said oh you’re a psychic
Kris was about to correct him but God said close enough
Kris told him Jesus was his spirit guide and he channeled through God; and asked the man if he wanted a spiritual cleansing
Darkness will leave and light will come in
It’ll be like smoking marijuana without the side effects
When we get rid of that denominational mindset you’d be surprised who you’d attract
We’re moving from a stereotype to a prototype
We have dual citizenship
Are you living from earth to heaven or from heaven to earth?
The goal isn’t to fill your church is to fill your city
Healing the sick hasn’t transformed our city
It’s takes more than miracles, it takes love, it takes building relationships
It’s time that Joseph and Pharaoh got along
Sat 8/7/10
10 am Session
Jack Taylor
All Christians seem to have the idea if we’re really sincere and do what we need to do we will never have any problems, charismatics especially
Jack is alive today because of the truth he discovered
The victory of defeat, the upside of down
The bible doesn’t promise a rose garden
We all have problems
People are looking for the ideal life
Well the ideal life is to get ready for the Big Show, the after life
They that wait on the Lord…
This is the instruction room where things will be worked out in real life and make God look good
Jack is very concerned about our eschatology
Jack is more eager to see Jesus rising up from within the body of the church
Jack has been thru crushing disappointments
He watched his wife die 10 years ago
He learned how to grieve
Jack won’t tell you to get over it; get through it
Jack eventually got engaged and his fiancé got cancer
She was healed for a year but died within 21 months of their marrying
Jack’s wife got sick in Tahiti and was in a coma; half her brain was gone
They gave her no hope
She woke up and spoke in complete sentences
Finally the doctors released her to go home
After a hosts of treatments the doctor (back home) came in crying and said there’s nothing else we can do
She died shortly after (this was his 1st wife)
He tried to raise her from the dead
Jack learned something that saved his life
God knows everything
He knew it but then he really knew it
The going thing is to act macho, always in charge
That’s how we want to act as Christians until God knocks the hell out of us
Our confidence is to be in HIM
You will have trouble but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world
James 1 count it pure joy when you fall into all kinds of trouble
Until you really get that you will not live the abundant life
God has to create circumstances in which we keep our eyes on HIM
2 Corinthians 12
2 Chronicles 26:5 he sought the Lord during the days of Zechariah
As long as he sought the Lord God gave him success
Vs 8 the Ammonites brought tribute to him
He became very powerful
Vs 15 his fame spread far and wide, he was greatly helped until he was strong
In his overconfident state he failed
More people have failed through success
Vs 19 he went into the sanctuary with contraband and he got leprosy and died
That’s the story of the weakness of strength
So strong that his faith failed and he forgot who he really was (HIS)
Paul brags about his sufferings
Chap 12
The issue is not Paul’s thorn in the flesh but the victory that comes thru proper processing
It’s not the issue but how you are processing the issue that’s happening to you
Cover it with the blood of Jesus and get over it
God’s gift to you is the present free of the past
Getting plumb (thoroughly) over it
I will boast about my weaknesses so Christ’s power can rest over me
Most Christians are down in the dumps when things don’t go right
Your feelings are affected
You go to a conference and you’re on a high but then you go back to reality
Isaiah 40:31
The next stage is getting ready to land; if you’re not prepared you’ll crash-land
Get ready to land after this
Expect it
Walking is the ultimate; not running not flying
Everyday regular functioning
Put one foot in front of the other and don’t stop
A man was upset about events and his friend said go get the mail, take a step; function
Vs 10 for Christ’s sake I delight in infirmities, insults, hardships, persecutions, perplexities and distresses
We feel weak sometimes because we are weak
You can’t make it without HIM
You’ll never get glad until you realize that
You can rejoice because He has already made it
For when I’m weak then I’m strong
God changed the subject on Paul
He started out talking about his problems and ended up talking about grace
Jack thinks Paul died
The strength of weakness always begins with brokenness
He was broken physically
If you give in to them then you’ll be in the pit
If you buy what satan sells then he’ll come around more often
There was an external brokenness
The minute everything is going perfectly you will likely give up on God
God could trust us with more wealth when we stop backsliding over 50 cents
Things happen that baffle us and we can’t get past them until something happens
“I can’t have peace until my son comes home”
We try to tell God what He needs to do in our lives
There’s no record something happened to Paul; he just grasped that godly principle and moved on
How can I cooperate if He’s breaking me?
Yes sir, ouch
You can ask why, but don’t expect an answer
We’ll understand it better by and by
It’s better to take God at His word now and save yourself a lot of worry between here and there
You don’t have to pray for brokenness; it’ll come
It proceeds in bafflement
You won’t understand it
Not understanding it is half the battle
Unanswered prayer
You haven’t prayed much if every prayer has been answered
Unrelieved hurt/pain
Unspeakable revelation
If you want to frustrate a preacher give him a great revelation he can’t talk about
Praise God thru it, after it, at all times
You don’t have to feel grateful; give thanks
Grateful is an emotion, thanks is a verb
You can say it even if you don’t feel it
The blessing of rising above in my attitude over everything
When God has you in a hurtful process the enemy will uncover all wrong thinking by keeping you at the point of disappointment
You get over it with praise and by knowing God is the Creator of everything, sovereign and all things work together for your good
Your unqualified commitment to a sovereign God is needed
In the Kingdom there is only room for one celebrity
If you want to get along with God then stay off His throne
2 pm session
Kris Vallotton:
Good leaders know how to impart vision
It’s vision that drives people
People perish for lack of vision, not lack of mission
People workout not because they hate their fat but because they are motivated by the vision of a fit body
You don’t get positive results with negative motivation
You can boil every problem down to 2 things: who you are and whose you are
Worry is an irrational emotion for someone who loves God
We’re noble people so how do we behave
Kris grew up poor and had never been to a restaurant
A girl invited him out for Sadie Hawkins
His mother spent time teaching him how to behave at a restaurant
We come in the kingdom not knowing how to behave
We need that training
What are the attributes of royalty?
There are levels of favor
God loves us all the same but He favors us differently
The distinguishing of spirits is so valuable
The only way you can get an inheritance is to discern that someone has something you don’t have
And you reduce yourself to sowing and reaping
Sit in the lower place so you can receive an inheritance
That’s honor
Honor requires actions to back it up
Our attributes need behaviors
I believe in honor. OK what does honor look like?
You sat a table with a person with 5 times more experience and you did all the talking
Bill is Kris’ partner who specializes in healing
Because a man had no discernment he preached to Bill for hours about healing instead of asking questions
What’s the goal?
God doesn’t want you sitting around polishing your crown.
Moses had to be raised in Pharaoh’s house because the man who’s in slavery internally cannot free others externally
If you don’t react to injustice then you’re too far from the palace
Spirit Wars
Matthew 4:13 Jesus gets baptized
Vs 16 and He comes up the heavens are opened and He saw the dove
Behold is used because the writer expects you to envision it
The temptation was to doubt what God said about Jesus
Are you the son of God?
Then the temptation was if you want to be like God then do something.
(Works, performance)
If you’re really the Son of God make these stones bread
If you start to perform for what you already have then you’re operating under a curse
Performing for what they rightfully have
Living from love and living for love are 2 different worlds
If you’re working for love you are living under a curse
It’s also written you shall not tempt the Lord your God
Jesus says I AM the Son of God who you are tempting, be gone
The devil has a strategic plan to destroy you
He observes your weaknesses
He has to wait for a weak moment
The Lord has a strategic plan to promote me
Did God bring me here or did the devil? Yes
The both have different reasons for why they want you in that wilderness
Jesus always leads you into places of promotion but the way He promotes you is when you take on your giant
You pray for demotion and God says take that giant out and I’ll make you king
Spiritual conflicts happen when we are in places where the enemy has territory
Understand the enemy attacks you with thoughts (flaming arrows)
Our struggle is not against flesh and blood
When you struggle the battle ensues
Evil spirits do not have power over you
The devil loves attention
Ephesians 6 Be strong in the Lord, put on His armor…
Ephes 2 he raised us up and seated us in heavenly places
Ephes 4 walk in the manner worthy of your calling
Ephes 6:14 stand
It’s more than just sitting; we have to create forward motions
He’s not talking about gaining ground; He’s talking about not losing it
We were born to torment the tormentor
God seated us where the devil used to be seated and He gave us what the devil wanted
There are seasons and times when you’re just trying to hang on to what you have
The process is what prepares you for the palace
The process is what keeps you in the palace
It’s normal to have struggles
Struggles are not supposed to last multiple years
That’s a lifestyle, not a struggle
God is saying don’t retreat
You weren’t built for retreat
David said he walked through the valley of the shadow of death
He kept moving forward
You don’t lie down in the shadow of the valley of death
The dogs of doom stand at the doors to your destiny
How do you know?
What do you love doing?
What are you afraid to do?
They bark louder and louder as you get closer and closer
Most people give up
You’re on the verge of a promotion
2 Cor 10:3 For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.
Speculations is a fortress. What if..?
We can wind ourselves into anxiety with speculation
Kris’ wife was pregnant and constantly vomiting. He went from marital bliss to complete exhaustion in a few months
Kris is 55 so he’s cramming for his finals
And at age 22 he became obsessed with dying
He was having a panic attack
That difficult time lasted 3 ½ years
He soaked the bed with sweat every night for 3 ½ years
They moved to a little town called Weaverville
When the world slowed down on the outside it only exposed to him how fast he was moving on the inside
Then demons started visiting him and tormenting him
They would knock things off the wall
He’d have horrible visions at night (he’s a prophet)
He tried to keep his mind busy at work as an auto mechanic
At 3 am one night he found a talk show and a man said some of you think you’re insane but you’re not. You’re listening to the spirit of insanity. Tell it to leave.
Kris had to put it together thru all the static
Kris said Jesus what do I do
Jesus said tell the spirit of insanity and the spirit of fear to leave you
Kris felt fearful but he did it and it felt like a man got up off his body and instantly his mind came back and the depression instantly left him
Kris was shocked
He’d had diarrhea for 3 ½ years
For a weak he was completely normal
Kris said out loud I’m going to tell everyone that you (satan) have no power and you’re only an illusion
A voice said if you tell anyone I will kill you
And all the symptoms came back
A little voice said Does the devil hate you?
Then why didn’t he kill you when you got saved?
He doesn’t have that much power, only what you give him
Getting free and staying free are different
There are 2 different people in prison: captives and prisoners
Captives are POWs, they believe the lie
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free
[The Matrix]
You can get caught up in a movie and it feels real
It’s not real!
When Pilate asked what is real he wasn’t saying teach me the Bible he was asking what is real
You need to know the truth
What you are experiencing is not real
When the devil calls you a name it comes with an unction
You’re called by an alias name “child molester”
Jacob’s name had to be changed to Israel
Condemnation says you lied you’re a liar
The devil convinces you that your bad behavior is your personhood
You will always reproduce the environment that you…
If you think you’re an alcoholic then you will need a whole culture to deal with it
Kris would rather put one in AA prison so they won’t hurt themselves/others until they get free from the lie
You are not an alcoholic, you are a child of the king
Convictions remind you of who you are and that’s why you shouldn’t behave like that
Kris’s stepfather always called him stupid ass
When he graduated from high school he couldn’t read
He believed the lie
I am not stupid I have the mind of Christ
A prisoner is somebody that the judge sends to prison
Matthew 18
How many times do I have to forgive?
The parable about forgiveness
Vs 36 he sent him to prison to be tormented by the tormentors until he paid the last cent and so shall it be with you until you forgive from the heart
Sometimes when you’re trying to get people free you’re fighting God
They imprisoned themselves by holding on to unforgiveness
The devil is in your life for one of two reasons:
1. Your close to your destiny and he’s trying to keep you out
2. You invited him in
If you invited him in 7 more will show up when you cast them out
Kris always asks is this a captive or a prisoner
We can believe lies that empower demons
When we really know the truth it sets us free
You are sentenced to prison when the victim become the victimizer
The #1 reason why Christians are tormented is unforgiveness
That demon won’t leave as long as he has permission to be there
You may scare him away for a little while but he’ll come back
7 pm Session
Leif Hetland
· Leif wants to release dreamers
· God is inviting us to dream with Him
· It’s the dream that keeps Leif going
· Without vision people perish
· Without seeing very clearly what God is up to we will perish
· Leif saw this (Encourager) is a culture that is going to change culture
· We will know our Jerusalem, Judea
· It starts when we get an identity – knowing who we are
· Leif has been dreaming of seeing families that will bless all the families on the earth
· God sent Leif to Lakeland and the power of God rested in that place after the conference and people were driving from miles to get there
· Ask God to do something only He can do and don’t help Him
· Leif had the thought what if there were clouds and rain over people inside
· It didn’t happen so he left
· They needed deep enough roots in place to establish a culture
· They didn’t have the readiness to sustain it
· Leif is looking places that can learn how to host heaven
· Leif would rather find sons and daughters to get the wineskin in place
· The problem is not for God to come down but are we able to sustain it?
· Can he bring people that can add value to us
· Leif believes we are one of those places
· Because we are a culture that can affect society
· They will discuss the statistics about Houston on CNN
· God showed Leif 12 places around America
· These eagle nests with signs in the heavenlies
· The eagle saints are going to come up
· God is right now up on the solid Kingdom building eagle’s nests
· Those in great need are crying out where are the sons? Where are the daughters?
· Dream a big God-given dream
· There are 3 things taking Leif away from dreaming with God
· 1. Distractions
· 2. Disappointments
· 3. Discouragements
· Leif and his family moved to Alabama because they were seeking a place to dream
· Instead they found a barren place Lodibar
· What if you didn’t have any fear of failure?
· What if money wasn’t a problem?
· Don’t limit yourself
· But the reality is we don’t have what we need to fulfill our dreams
· But after the vision comes provision
· Susan Boyle on British American idol
· Paul and his wife had a ministry but they were struggling
· They came to a conference 4 years ago and now they are ministering mightily in the Philippines
· Now they are meeting with the top ministers and invited to the top places
· Don’t get too busy to dream with God
· They believe in people because they know they are valuable
· There’s a world changer in each one of you
· God believes in you
· Digging the gold out of people so together we can shine brightly
· Even the judges that thought some of the Christians are boring will have to change their minds
· Joseph could have stayed in the pit and lost his dream
· 2 areas of dreaming Leif wants to unlock tonight
· 25 supernatural dreams
· The Father wants to restore us back again
· Leif wants to find the treasure in the middle of the trash
· Proverbs 13:12 hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the dreams come true it is a tree of life
· When you no longer have hope it makes your heart sick
· My dreams are so big I need the Holy Spirit
· I need other people
· It’s impossible to do it
· Sometimes He has to change the world in us so He can change the world around us
· The original drummer for the Beetles was talked out of it by his girlfriend
· Give up this crazy dream
· Live full and die empty
· Live life to the fullest
· Psalm 126:1-3 1 When the LORD brought back the captives to Zion, we were like men who dreamed. 2 Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them." 3 The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.
· The people were coming out of captivity excited
· Because they’re dreaming again
· And the nations say wow the Lord has done some great things to them
· Some of us will leak accidentally
· The atmosphere changed, who walked in here
· Because you’re royalty
· My dream is going to be my destiny
· You can bring 400 losers in and change their hearts and end up with 400 mighty sons and daughters
· You’re creating a culture of 400 people that have the same heart that you have
· Leif has some amazing dreams and he’s adding to the list
· Dreamers are glad
· They have joy in the middle of everything else
· Because I know this is not final
· I’ve still got dreams to fulfill
· Ask of me and I will give you the nations
· It’s a gift to be received, not a problem to be achieved
· If you have a dream your faith will be challenged
· You’re doing something bigger than yourself and your faith is growing
· Delight yourself in me and I will give you the desires of your heart
· Start with the dreams that God has and God will ask you about your own
· Hang around other dreamers, living their dreams
· God has a dream
· He wants your faith to be challenged
· He wants your heart to be awakened
· Your creativity will be released
· When we’re in survival mode we don’t take big risks and we’re not creative
· Your character will be forged
· Your character will grow
· Daniel, Joseph…
· There’s character, there’s alignment
· You start to attract heaven towards you
· Without intimacy there’s no fruitfulness
· Your destiny will be fulfilled
· My God will be honored
· A new generation will be influenced
· We need covenant relationships
· We need intimacy
· We need boundaries
· Building walls with gates around me and the Holy Spirit
· We have to learn how to steward what is valuable
· I cannot allow you to come into my life and mess it up because I am very valuable
· Leif is a beauty seeker

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